The Independents Concise Crossword March 24 2023 Answers

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The Independents Concise Crossword March 24 2023 Answers:

Equip with sails 3 letters RIG
Heather 4 letters LING
Adversaries 6 letters RIVALS
Irksome 8 letters ANNOYING
Obligation 4 letters DUTY
Large mansion 11 letters STATELYHOME
Present 4 letters GIFT
Musician 8 letters FLAUTIST
Consume 6 letters DEVOUR
Horse that hasn’t won a race 6 letters MAIDEN
Preliminary round 4 letters HEAT
Large deer 3 letters ELK
Rule 5 letters REIGN
Breakfast cereal 7 letters GRANOLA
Milky Indian drink 5 letters LASSI
Posy 7 letters NOSEGAY
Curve 4 letters BEND
Middle 6 letters CENTRE
Compel compliance with 7 letters ENFORCE
Larger than normal 7 letters OUTSIZE
Stepped 4 letters TROD
Concede 5 letters ADMIT
Cut of meat 5 letters STEAK

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