The Independents Concise Crossword March 19 2023 Answers

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The Independents Concise Crossword March 19 2023 Answers:

Horse’s gait 6 letters GALLOP
Refer 6 letters ALLUDE
Part of a nun’s habit 6 letters WIMPLE
Short railway line 6 letters SIDING
Extreme fear 6 letters TERROR
Foot part 6 letters INSTEP
Abominable snowman 4 letters YETI
Worker 9 letters OPERATIVE
Normal 5 letters USUAL
Instance 7 letters EXAMPLE
Musical drama 5 letters OPERA
Paddle 3 letters OAR
Crockery collection 9 letters DINNERSET
Mushrooms 7 letters PORCINI
Winter sports event 7 letters SKIJUMP
Keepsake 5 letters RELIC
Of sound 5 letters SONIC
Flightless bird 3 letters EMU

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