The Independents Concise Crossword December 9 2022 Answers

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The Independents Concise Crossword December 9 2022 Answers:

Completely 7 letters TOTALLY
Small fasteners 5 letters CLIPS
Disentangle 7 letters UNRAVEL
Work of fiction 5 letters NOVEL
Attractive 11 letters GOODLOOKING
Excellent 6 letters SUPERB
Humble 6 letters DEMEAN
Reviving 11 letters RESTORATIVE
Defence of being elsewhere 5 letters ALIBI
Pilot 7 letters AVIATOR
In the midst of 5 letters AMONG
Restrain 7 letters CONTROL
Violent and aggressive 8 letters THUGGISH
Trunk 5 letters TORSO
Road-rail intersection 13 letters LEVELCROSSING
Colour 6 letters YELLOW
Thoughtfulness 13 letters CONSIDERATION
Fashionable 7 letters INVOGUE
Grain store 4 letters SILO
Intrinsic 8 letters INTEGRAL
Porch 7 letters PORTICO
Pattern of tiny pieces 6 letters MOSAIC
Entomb 5 letters INTER
Information 4 letters DATA

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