The Independents Concise Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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The Independent’s Concise Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Smile broadly 4 letters BEAM
Possess 3 letters OWN
Drive back 7 letters REPULSE
Lift up 5 letters RAISE
Lock of hair 5 letters TRESS
Adversaries 7 letters ENEMIES
Shortened 11 letters ABBREVIATED
Bike rider 7 letters CYCLIST
Musical speed 5 letters TEMPO
Warble 5 letters TRILL
Pariah 7 letters OUTCAST
Embrace 3 letters HUG
Catch sight of 4 letters ESPY
Scold 6 letters BERATE
More than enough 5 letters AMPLE
Opening 7 letters ORIFICE
Requirements 5 letters NEEDS
Nearer 6 letters CLOSER
Booking 11 letters RESERVATION
Soft cheese 4 letters BRIE
Support 7 letters BACKING
Shrewd 6 letters ASTUTE
Expensive 6 letters COSTLY
Fisherman’s haul 5 letters CATCH
Lazy 4 letters IDLE
Wherewithal 5 letters MEANS

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