The Guardian Quick Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Flailed 8 letters THRASHED
Operatic prima donna 4 letters DIVA
Bottled spirit? 5 letters GENIE
Most trifling 7 letters TINIEST
Pew-fillers 12 letters
Coarse 6 letters EARTHY
Loathsome 6 letters ODIOUS
Expert — achieved 12 letters
Born Free star Elsa for example 7 letters LIONESS
Merge together 5 letters ELIDE
Factual information 4 letters DATA
Where to find the price of a newspaper? 8 letters MASTHEAD
Identifiers associated with a piece of computer 22 4 letters TAGS
Bitterness 7 letters RANCOUR
Big hitter 12 letters
Way in (to a particular group) 6 letters ENTREE
Queen Boudicca’s tribe 5 letters ICENI
Amaze 8 letters ASTONISH
Indecent scan (anag) — red hot! 12 letters
In-depth 8 letters DETAILED
Relating to a single occasion 7 letters ONETIME
Liquid in which blood cells are suspended 6 letters PLASMA
Small Scottish farm 5 letters CROFT
What’s done 4 letters DEED

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