The Guardian Quick Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

Unseat 6 letters DEPOSE
Replacement of what has been drunk from the glass 5 letters TOPUP
Hot green condiment 6 letters WASABI
Large shapeless lump 6 letters DOLLOP
Pain in the eye? 4 letters STYE
Smelling of strongly flavoured cloves 8 letters GARLICKY
On which wet smalls are hung 11 letters CLOTHESLINE
It’s best to avoid being in this 8 letters HOTWATER
Goodbye! (informal) 4 letters TATA
Spliff 6 letters REEFER
Outdoor canopy 6 letters AWNING
Romantic rendezvous 5 letters TRYST
Bond 6 letters CEMENT
Extreme 7 letters DRASTIC
Dummy pill 7 letters PLACEBO
Catapult — night loss (anag) 9 letters SLINGSHOT
Internet pest 5 letters TROLL
Bird whose ‘beak can hold more than his belly can’ 7 letters PELICAN
Tropical melon-like fruit with yellowish flesh 6 letters PAPAYA
Appear again 9 letters RESURFACE
Something whose outcome is a chance event 7 letters LOTTERY
Acute 7 letters INTENSE
Dead and gone 7 letters EXTINCT
Desire 6 letters THIRST
One acting for another 5 letters AGENT

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