The Guardian Quick Crossword October 5 2022 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword October 5 2022 Answers:

Sound unit 7 letters DECIBEL
Faze 7 letters UNNERVE
Shout out 7 letters EXCLAIM
Utter (a word?) 7 letters BREATHE
Very small piece (of anything) 5 letters SPECK
Shocking — Icarus too (anag) 9 letters ATROCIOUS
Con artist 9 letters FRAUDSTER
Corrodes 5 letters RUSTS
One more 7 letters ANOTHER
Kind of rock produced under intense heat 7 letters IGNEOUS
Totally disorganised 7 letters CHAOTIC
E in the Greek alphabet 7 letters EPSILON
The worst of the worst? 5 letters DREGS
Items of the same type stored in a hidden place 5 letters CACHE
Involving clearly defined and opposing principles 13 letters
Move clumsily 6 letters LUMBER
Suppressed implicit meanings in an utterance 13 letters
Small attractive cave 6 letters GROTTO
Small space set into a wall 6 letters RECESS
Couple 4 letters PAIR
Single thing 4 letters UNIT
Husband-to-be 6 letters FIANCE
Obsessive nerd (informal) 6 letters ANORAK
Three times 6 letters THRICE
Frown with displeasure 5 letters SCOWL
Girl’s name (one can be lazy!) 5 letters SUSAN

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