The Guardian Quick Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Shelter 6 letters REFUGE
Lessens 6 letters ABATES
Country house with grounds 5 letters MANOR
Leopard (anag) — released conditionally 7 letters PAROLED
Rural community 7 letters VILLAGE
Small game bird 5 letters QUAIL
One who opposes official policy 9 letters DISSIDENT
TS Eliot’s ‘cruelest month’ 5 letters APRIL
Angelic messenger who brought the Virgin Mary her good news 7 letters GABRIEL
Instructor 7 letters TEACHER
Padded mattress from Japan 5 letters FUTON
Casual top 6 letters TSHIRT
Scottish children 6 letters BAIRNS
Take away 6 letters REMOVE
Caressed 7 letters FONDLED
Italy’s largest lake 5 letters GARDA
Ornate and extravagant in style 7 letters BAROQUE
Where Gene Pitney was only 24 hours from 5 letters TULSA
Lamb joint 6 letters SADDLE
Austro-Hungarian-born American film director d. 1986 in New York 9 letters PREMINGER
Yellow element 7 letters SULPHUR
Dishonest person — tornado 7 letters TWISTER
Too old 6 letters PASTIT
Fundamental parts of a platform 6 letters PLANKS
Come to 5 letters REACH
British film and television award 5 letters BAFTA

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