The Guardian Quick Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Mess partner (anag) — military drill command 11 letters
Move to gain a tactical end 9 letters MANOEUVRE
Hill-climbing gear? 3 letters LOW
Concluded 5 letters ENDED
Ben-Hur’s wheels? 7 letters CHARIOT
Cut into 6 letters INCISE
Liqueur distilled from cherries 6 letters KIRSCH
Dance — stew pot (anag) 7 letters TWOSTEP
Ultimate 5 letters FINAL
Canon — the boys in blue? 3 letters LAW
World’s largest island capital Nuuk 9 letters GREENLAND
Garden structure for keeping plants and tools 11 letters POTTINGSHED
Continuous series of performances 3 letters RUN
Dashboard instruments — swimming trunks 7 letters SPEEDOS
Beginner 6 letters NOVICE
Cub Scout pack leader 5 letters AKELA
Braveheart producer director star 9 letters MELGIBSON
Forthwith 11 letters IMMEDIATELY
Flick knife 11 letters SWITCHBLADE
He’s a Time Lord 9 letters DOCTORWHO
Very young children 7 letters INFANTS
Abdominal organ — bad temper 6 letters SPLEEN
Drunk 5 letters TIGHT
Primate 3 letters APE

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