The Guardian Quick Crossword November 24 2022 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword November 24 2022 Answers:

Sprite of English folklore 4 letters PUCK
Without deviation 8 letters STRAIGHT
Listlessness 7 letters LANGUOR
Highly emotional event 5 letters DRAMA
Hosiery material 5 letters NYLON
Humorously sarcastic 6 letters IRONIC
Get on with it! 13 letters
Batty 6 letters CUCKOO
High open grassland of southern Africa 5 letters VELDT
Detest 5 letters ABHOR
Mixed bag — for a rag (anag) 7 letters FARRAGO
Got ready 8 letters PREPARED
Reach the highest point 4 letters PEAK
Style of jumper 8 letters POLONECK
Duct — channel 5 letters CANAL
Strong drink from Istanbul? 13 letters
Increase 5 letters ADDTO
Water ice — a rating (anag) 7 letters GRANITA
Begin to melt 4 letters THAW
Ask for help from 6 letters TURNTO
Conforming to established standards 8 letters TEXTBOOK
A difficult one to crack? 7 letters TOUGHIE
Frolic 6 letters CAVORT
Mild curry 5 letters KORMA
Rental contract 5 letters LEASE
Fish — find fault 4 letters CARP

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