The Guardian Quick Crossword November 24 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword November 24 2021 Answers:

Thoughtful towards others 11 letters CONSIDERATE
Decayed matter used to improve soil 9 letters LEAFMOULD
One of the old Cinque Ports in Sussex 3 letters RYE
Circulated in a flash to a large audience on the internet 5 letters VIRAL
Gunman’s order! 7 letters HANDSUP
Earlier 6 letters BEFORE
Speak ill of 6 letters MALIGN
Money paid for a plane ticket 7 letters AIRFARE
Pay for food and/or drink consumed by others 5 letters TREAT
Carry it and take the blame 3 letters CAN
Final warning 9 letters ULTIMATUM
Incisive 11 letters PENETRATING
Female reproductive cells 3 letters OVA
Alike 7 letters SIMILAR
Like unbaked bread 6 letters DOUGHY
Toxic gas Rn 5 letters RADON
It’s one way to get in 9 letters TURNSTILE
Conciliatory gesture 11 letters OLIVEBRANCH
Male spies? 11 letters PEEPINGTOMS
Allusion 9 letters REFERENCE
Effort 7 letters ATTEMPT
Tenant 6 letters RENTER
Cruel treatment 5 letters ABUSE
Perfect score in Strictly Come Dancing 3 letters TEN

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