The Guardian Quick Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

Neil Diamond song adopted by England fans in Euro 2020 13 letters
Carry out 7 letters PERFORM
Small group of trees 5 letters COPSE
Dorothy’s dog 4 letters TOTO
Hollywood celebrity 8 letters FILMSTAR
Consider to be right and proper 6 letters ACCEPT
Lay to rest 6 letters ENTOMB
Without any vitality 8 letters STAGNANT
Spots 4 letters ACNE
Willow with flexible twigs used in basketry 5 letters OSIER
Whim 7 letters IMPULSE
Le Roi Soleil d. 1715 13 letters
Solution got from trees 3 letters SAP
Liable to sudden changes 7 letters ERRATIC
Use the horn 4 letters TOOT
I’m rapt (anag) 6 letters ARMPIT
Moving this way 8 letters ONCOMING
Extra data 5 letters INPUT
Atrocious 9 letters EXECRABLE
Inedible fungus 9 letters TOADSTOOL
Outraged 8 letters UPINARMS
Connected with kissing 7 letters OSCULAR
Not having been moved 6 letters INSITU
Farewell 5 letters ADIEU
Petty dispute 4 letters SPAT
Dolly the sheep say 3 letters EWE

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