The Guardian Quick Crossword May 16 2023 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword May 16 2023 Answers:

Painter of The Night Watch 9 letters REMBRANDT
Circle of light around the moon 4 letters HALO
Irksome 8 letters ANNOYING
Complain of 6 letters BEMOAN
Strong man raised by apes 6 letters TARZAN
Colourless blood fluid 6 letters PLASMA
Chatterbox 6 letters GASBAG
W — snug tent (anag) 8 letters TUNGSTEN
A horny male? 4 letters BUCK
Player’s offence in court? 9 letters FOOTFAULT
Toxic — spiteful 8 letters VENOMOUS
Get hold of 6 letters OBTAIN
It’s attractive! 6 letters MAGNET
Ill at ease 4 letters EDGY
Boozed-up yobbo 9 letters LAGERLOUT
All things considered 9 letters ONBALANCE
Urban areas of the US suffering industrial decline 8 letters RUSTBELT
Savvy 6 letters ASTUTE
Affable 6 letters GENIAL
Milligan Sellers Secombe or Bentine? 4 letters GOON

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