The Guardian Quick Crossword May 15 2023 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword May 15 2023 Answers:

Brief encounter between potential partners 11 letters SPEEDDATING
Flower — colour — singer 4 letters PINK
Small mound (but a mountain for a drama queen) 8 letters MOLEHILL
Rising trend 7 letters UPSWING
Talk foolishly 5 letters PRATE
Back-office staff (abbr) 5 letters ADMIN
Belly 7 letters ABDOMEN
Oil or gas transporter 8 letters PIPELINE
Street child 4 letters WAIF
Dispute inspiring strong opinions 11 letters
Incidental benefit (abbr) 4 letters PERK
Determined (7) — English singer 7 letters ADAMANT
Strong thick rope 5 letters CABLE
So far 8 letters HITHERTO
Cause of severe back pain 11 letters SLIPPEDDISC
Add unnecessary adornments 11 letters GILDTHELILY
Termite — that wine (anag) 8 letters WHITEANT
View 7 letters OBSERVE
Papal headgear 5 letters TIARA
3 4 letters WIRE

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