The Guardian Quick Crossword March 24 2023 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword March 24 2023 Answers:

Have experience and good judgement 13 letters
Eye sexually 4 letters OGLE
Fish tank 8 letters AQUARIUM
In good order 10 letters TICKETYBOO
Serious crime 6 letters FELONY
Piece of vegetable or meat deep-fried in spiced batter 6 letters PAKORA
Nightmarish (like a Bohemian author’s work) 10 letters KAFKAESQUE
Nickname for Elizabeth I — 1953 Benjamin Britten opera written for Elizabeth II’s coronation 8 letters GLORIANA
(Of wind) shift in a clockwise direction 4 letters VEER
Luxury train service between Paris and Istanbul inaugurated in 1883 13 letters
Woman’s light dressing gown 8 letters NEGLIGEE
Edible sea snail 5 letters WHELK
Financially secure and functioning well 7 letters HEALTHY
Thick digit 5 letters THUMB
Male demon — low rack (anag) 7 letters WARLOCK
Cuckoo pint for example 4 letters ARUM
American pants? 8 letters TROUSERS
It bears acorns and has lobed leaves 7 letters OAKTREE
Body of troops (or police) in close formation 7 letters PHALANX
Something experienced with great delight 5 letters FEAST
Someone keeping money for a rainy day? 5 letters SAVER
Make dimmer 4 letters BLUR

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