The Guardian Quick Crossword June 22 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword June 22 2021 Answers:

Movie 13 letters
Belgian (anag) — Asian language 7 letters BENGALI
Sip or nibble say 5 letters TASTE
Wrath 4 letters FURY
North Sea (anag) — classic style of furniture 8 letters SHERATON
Tarry 6 letters REMAIN
Illegible handwriting 6 letters SCRAWL
Grabbed 8 letters SNATCHED
Not just a few 4 letters MANY
Italian violin maker d. 1684 5 letters AMATI
Prevail — rejoice 7 letters TRIUMPH
Issuer of parking tickets 13 letters
Disorderly crowd 3 letters MOB
Childish fit of anger 7 letters TANTRUM
Surrey County Cricket Club ground 4 letters OVAL
Unfortunate situation 6 letters PLIGHT
Eye disease 8 letters CATARACT
Distressed 5 letters UPSET
For ever 9 letters ETERNALLY
To begin with 9 letters FORASTART
Naughtiness 8 letters MISCHIEF
Frightened 7 letters ALARMED
Very busy — fevered 6 letters HECTIC
Philippine banana tree with leaf stalks used to make hemp 5 letters ABACA
Old Italian currency 4 letters LIRA
One of Attila’s people? 3 letters HUN

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