The Guardian Quick Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

Persistent nuisance 4 letters PEST
Curved sword 8 letters SCIMITAR
Endurance 7 letters STAMINA
Not a single person 5 letters NOONE
Biological units 5 letters CELLS
Hostility 6 letters ENMITY
American homeopath arrested for murdering his wife Cora and hanged in London 1910 13 letters
Support for one who is lame 6 letters CRUTCH
Heraldic black 5 letters SABLE
Synthetic fabric resembling silk 5 letters RAYON
Sudden increase 7 letters UPSURGE
Miscellaneous items 8 letters SUNDRIES
So 4 letters THUS
Part of an address 8 letters POSTCODE
Temporise 5 letters STALL
Royal residence on The Mall in London — cheer on as clue (anag) 13 letters
(In music) note with a time value of half a whole note 5 letters MINIM
Old-time dance in duple time 7 letters TWOSTEP
Smell offensively 4 letters REEK
Complete disaster 6 letters FIASCO
Numbers — steering (anag) 8 letters INTEGERS
Continue 7 letters CARRYON
Be adamant 6 letters INSIST
Domingo Pavarotti or Carreras? 5 letters TENOR
Nativity 5 letters BIRTH
Greek god of love 4 letters EROS

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