The Guardian Quick Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Command given to a trained dog 4 letters HEEL
Disagreements 8 letters DISPUTES
Coniferous tree 4 letters PINE
Fearless 8 letters INTREPID
Change 10 letters ALTERATION
Narcotic drug 6 letters OPIATE
Social circle 6 letters MILIEU
Custodians 10 letters CARETAKERS
Sound made by a mobile phone 8 letters RINGTONE
Spun thread 4 letters YARN
Retract 8 letters WITHDRAW
Risqué (informal) 4 letters BLUE
Seven-sided figure 8 letters HEPTAGON
A genius! 8 letters EINSTEIN
Congenital 6 letters INNATE
Publication appearing at regular intervals 10 letters PERIODICAL
Certain sort 4 letters TYPE
Froth made from soap and water 4 letters SUDS
Drawn-out 10 letters PROTRACTED
Computer security system designed to prevent attacks by crackers 8 letters FIREWALL
Bother 8 letters NUISANCE
Condition where an internal organ pushes through the abdominal wall 6 letters HERNIA
Become bigger 4 letters GROW
Nautical unit of speed 4 letters KNOT

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