The Guardian Quick Crossword July 28 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword July 28 2021 Answers:

Audacious 4 letters BOLD
Cordial 8 letters AMICABLE
Keen to find out 7 letters CURIOUS
Long-handled broom made of twigs 5 letters BESOM
At right angles to a ship 5 letters ABEAM
Chinwag (abbr) 6 letters CONFAB
Configuration of stars as seen from Earth 13 letters
Angle formed by the junction of two branches of a tree 6 letters CROTCH
Get it down you! 5 letters EATUP
Device used to invert an image 5 letters PRISM
Unsophisticated young woman 7 letters INGENUE
Go here in disgrace 8 letters DOGHOUSE
Checks closely 4 letters VETS
As luck would have it 8 letters BYCHANCE
Syd Little’s old partner 5 letters LARGE
Children’s game that leaves one standing! 13 letters
A floating bedroom? 5 letters CABIN
Type of long-grained rice 7 letters BASMATI
US television award 4 letters EMMY
Clever remark 6 letters BONMOT
Snatches 8 letters SNIPPETS
Nightingale’s calling? 7 letters NURSING
Get even 6 letters AVENGE
Pace 5 letters TEMPO
Slight trace of colour 5 letters TINGE
Imitated in every way 4 letters APED

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