The Guardian Quick Crossword January 25 2023 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword January 25 2023 Answers:

Booby fad (anag) 8 letters BABYFOOD
Bovine male 4 letters BULL
Graphic 5 letters VIVID
Strip of computer icons clicked to perform different functions 7 letters TOOLBAR
Kind of hair iron 12 letters
Get at 6 letters ACCESS
Gold-coloured alloy 6 letters ORMOLU
Instrumental version of the blues 12 letters
Soft leather made from deer or sheep 7 letters DOESKIN
Cover with a shiny coating 5 letters GLAZE
Going for this is a small price to pay! 4 letters SONG
From Tbilisi? 8 letters GEORGIAN
Drink (informal) 4 letters BEVY
Encamp 7 letters BIVOUAC
Violin bows 12 letters FIDDLESTICKS
Disclosure 6 letters OUTING
With a densely populated area 5 letters URBAN
Annual plant of the buttercup family 8 letters LARKSPUR
Old hawker of fruit and vegetables — corners got me (anag) 12 letters
Most eastern of the Caribbean islands 8 letters BARBADOS
Folding paper into shapes representing objects 7 letters ORIGAMI
Sudden sharp pang 6 letters TWINGE
Large indefinite quantity 5 letters OCEAN
Signify 4 letters MEAN

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