The Guardian Quick Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Gear 7 letters CLOTHES
Holidaymaker 7 letters TOURIST
Paper-based art form 7 letters ORIGAMI
Without payment 7 letters FORFREE
That place 5 letters THERE
Whatever the reason it must not happen! 9 letters NOEXCUSES
Third of 51 9 letters SEVENTEEN
Overhanging part of roof 5 letters EAVES
Fishy girl? 7 letters MERMAID
Bring to mind 7 letters IMAGINE
Add sugar 7 letters SWEETEN
Time between school and uni? 7 letters GAPYEAR
Native of Split perhaps 5 letters CROAT
Black or green stoned fruit 5 letters OLIVE
A perfect situation? 13 letters HEAVENONEARTH
Smother 6 letters STIFLE
Oil-fired light — numerical harp (anag) 13 letters HURRICANELAMP
Fruit with a thick rind and juicy edible pulp inside 6 letters CITRUS
Emphasise 6 letters STRESS
Ginormous 4 letters HUGE
Lip 4 letters EDGE
In Indian cooking a small fried turnover filled with vegetables or meat 6 letters SAMOSA
Whirlpool 6 letters VORTEX
Last part 6 letters ENDING
Articulate 5 letters VOICE
Promise 5 letters SWEAR

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