The Guardian Quick Crossword February 22 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword February 22 2021 Answers:

Church residence 9 letters PARSONAGE
Small inlet 4 letters COVE
Folklore story 9 letters FAIRYTALE
Small sturdy four-wheel-drive vehicle 4 letters JEEP
Sailing boat with one mast 5 letters SLOOP
Mum’s sis? 6 letters AUNTIE
North Atlantic flatfish 6 letters PLAICE
Sound made by a small petrol engine 6 letters PUTPUT
Last part of a performance 6 letters FINALE
New branch 5 letters SHOOT
Musical based on TS Eliot poems 4 letters CATS
Small enclosed space 9 letters CUBBYHOLE
Food (sometimes small) 4 letters EATS
Card game — set up dork (anag) 9 letters STUDPOKER
Man of Eden 4 letters ADAM
Shore breakers 4 letters SURF
Annoy — stinger 6 letters NETTLE
Fast equine pace 6 letters GALLOP
American author of Myra Breckinridge. d. 2012 9 letters GOREVIDAL
Puzzled 9 letters PERPLEXED
Extremely crowded 9 letters JAMPACKED
Association for the promotion of art science or education 9 letters INSTITUTE
Passage connecting to nasal cavities 5 letters SINUS
Hair style created by braiding 5 letters PLAIT
Shove 6 letters THRUST
Veto 6 letters FORBID
Be off with you! 4 letters SHOO
Gum 4 letters GLUE

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