The Guardian Quick Crossword December 9 2022 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword December 9 2022 Answers:

Sad to say 13 letters
Metal bars used in grilling (which can get locked) 4 letters GRID
Drugged state 8 letters NARCOSIS
Big-time nark 10 letters SUPERGRASS
Hush-hush 6 letters SECRET
Source of excitement 6 letters TURNON
Personal 10 letters SUBJECTIVE
Older but (anag) — in some distress 8 letters TROUBLED
The sound of thunder? 4 letters CLAP
The power of water? 13 letters
Cared for 8 letters NURTURED
Someone born a while ago (informal) 5 letters OLDIE
This evening 7 letters TONIGHT
___ Shearer Canadian-American actress d 1983 5 letters NORMA
Pocket 7 letters TROUSER
Prepared (the table or a trap?) 4 letters LAID
Greek dish of grilled lamb on a skewer 8 letters SOUVLAKI
Someone who saves? 7 letters RESCUER
Altered (anag) — foot-operated pedal 7 letters TREADLE
Bottom of the boat 5 letters BILGE
Implied though not expressed 5 letters TACIT
Setting for Homer’s Iliad 4 letters TROY

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