The Guardian Quick Crossword August 3 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword August 3 2021 Answers:

Unable to be put into words 13 letters
Overabundance 7 letters SURFEIT
Old French province in the Loire valley an English possession from 1154 to 1204 5 letters ANJOU
Handle roughly 4 letters MAUL
List of times at which things are supposed to happen 8 letters SCHEDULE
Unflinching 6 letters STEELY
Mexican mural painter married five times (twice to Frida Kahlo) d. 1957 6 letters RIVERA
Without it things are uneventful 8 letters INCIDENT
Left at sea 4 letters PORT
Senseless 5 letters INANE
Inspection (by house-hunters?) 7 letters VIEWING
Take advantage of an activity that someone else started 13 letters
___ and outs 3 letters INS
In transit 7 letters ENROUTE
Nobleman (or woman) 4 letters PEER
Tempt 6 letters ENTICE
Cut of pork often barbecued 8 letters SPARERIB
Small but elegant 5 letters BIJOU
High-spirited 9 letters EXUBERANT
Sense of apprehension 9 letters MISGIVING
Club — hit 8 letters BLUDGEON
Unusual items 7 letters EXOTICA
Good in parts 6 letters UNEVEN
Repetitive song (by football fans?) 5 letters CHANT
College teaching industrial skills and applied sciences (abbr) 4 letters TECH
Understand 3 letters GET

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