The Guardian Quick Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

Performer’s way in 9 letters STAGEDOOR
(Old) custom 4 letters WONT
A Fellini? (anag) — it’s at at your fingertips! 8 letters NAILFILE
Calms 6 letters ALLAYS
Fat from suet — two all (anag) 6 letters TALLOW
Moved back and forth 6 letters SWAYED
Groupings of similar things 6 letters CLUMPS
Definitely not for public consumption! 8 letters INEDIBLE
Frost on things in the open 4 letters HOAR
Inform — educate 9 letters ENLIGHTEN
Works of art often put on a pedestal 8 letters STATUARY
They act for others 6 letters AGENTS
Something’s got one hooked 6 letters ADDICT
One of four on a horse say 4 letters HOOF
Fan base 9 letters FOLLOWING
Diagram showing room layout 9 letters FLOORPLAN
Sound of being tickled 8 letters LAUGHTER
City on the Liffey 6 letters DUBLIN
Place providing pre-school childcare 6 letters CRECHE
Cooked and ready to eat 4 letters DONE

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