The Guardian Quick Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Housing 13 letters
Smash’s partner in crime? 4 letters GRAB
Long dagger 8 letters STILETTO
Excessively dramatic or emotional 10 letters HISTRIONIC
Cereal crop 6 letters BARLEY
Proper 6 letters SEEMLY
Love letter 10 letters BILLETDOUX
Civic centre 8 letters TOWNHALL
Manner 4 letters MODE
Trout Quintet composer 13 letters
Knitted jacket 8 letters CARDIGAN
Circle round another object 5 letters ORBIT
Bewilder 7 letters MYSTIFY
Condescend 5 letters DEIGN
Molasses 7 letters TREACLE
In the process of finding out about 4 letters ONTO
Struggle to make any progress at all 8 letters FLOUNDER
Middle East country 7 letters LEBANON
Avoiding attention by moving carefully 7 letters STEALTH
Plenty (informal) 5 letters LOADS
Release from military service 5 letters DEMOB
3600 seconds 4 letters HOUR

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