The Guardian Quick Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Sexual desire 6 letters LIBIDO
Absent-minded and disorganised 6 letters SCATTY
Utter 5 letters VOICE
Pistol 7 letters HANDGUN
Begun 7 letters STARTED
Concur 5 letters AGREE
Criticise severely 9 letters EXCORIATE
Abyss 5 letters CHASM
God of wine 7 letters BACCHUS
Sequoia 7 letters REDWOOD
Clearly expressed 5 letters LUCID
Indirect taxes on imports 6 letters DUTIES
Fairground barker’s exhortation 6 letters ROLLUP
Very generous 6 letters LAVISH
Abridge (anag) — military unit 7 letters BRIGADE
Lived 5 letters DWELT
Vocal composition typically with choir and orchestra 7 letters CANTATA
Striped predator 5 letters TIGER
Tugged sharply 6 letters YANKED
City in India and Pakistan 9 letters HYDERABAD
Create music 7 letters COMPOSE
Principled 7 letters ETHICAL
Made afraid 6 letters SCARED
Exhausted 6 letters USEDUP
Inspection of accounts 5 letters AUDIT
Large stringed instrument 5 letters CELLO

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