The Guardian Quick Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Quick Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Computer programs 8 letters SOFTWARE
Island where Napoleon was exiled in 1814 4 letters ELBA
Intended 5 letters MEANT
Dizziness 7 letters VERTIGO
More and more 12 letters INCREASINGLY
In poor health 6 letters AILING
Get in the way 6 letters IMPEDE
Stop just talking and get on with it! 12 letters
Country in the Horn of Africa 7 letters SOMALIA
Insinuate 5 letters IMPLY
That being the case … 4 letters IFSO
Uninformed (unlike this puzzle) 8 letters CLUELESS
Japanese wrestling 4 letters SUMO
Facecloth 7 letters FLANNEL
Public house 12 letters
Divulge 6 letters REVEAL
Prone or prostrate 5 letters LYING
Faithful followers 8 letters ACOLYTES
One-armed bandit 12 letters
Spring-flowering plants 8 letters NARCISSI
Regular oval shape 7 letters ELLIPSE
Scribble 6 letters SCRAWL
Books of substance 5 letters TOMES
Votes in favour 4 letters AYES

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