The Guardian Cryptic Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

I am on time; you sound unprepared 9 letters IMPROMPTU
Cause embarrassment to a party 5 letters ABASH
Toy with some fish say? It’s not a fish 7 letters DOLPHIN
Where to wash at dilapidated hut in temporary accommodation 7 letters BATHTUB
Excited to take part in advanced gymnastics 4 letters EDGY
Such sickness and suffering orig­inate with medic ultimately 10 letters IATROGENIC
Type of truck where one could live and sleep 7 letters FLATBED
Flawed heroic figure’s end concealed for so long 7 letters CHEERIO
Here your panniers get lost 10 letters ONYOURBIKE
Objections rejected in the end 4 letters STUB
Greeting composer and setter with a barbecue 7 letters HIBACHI
Quality found in an aria or a hymn when done right 7 letters HARMONY
Sit with reformed impostor having forsaken devil 5 letters ROOST
Doling out tea brought in for mayoral decoration 9 letters GOLDCHAIN
Clue for hotel in remote location? 15 letters
Game soldier entered as defence 8 letters APOLOGIA
Coffee from Kilmacolm? Och aye! 5 letters MOCHA
European resort outlet on the rise 8 letters SPANIARD
Burger prepared with toppings of Danish bacon egg mayo Iberico ham and a spanner 6 letters HUMBER
Reveller in some wild orgy taking ecstasy 9 letters PARTYGOER
Loose and weak heavyweight was victorious over soldier 6 letters WANTON
The 1d? 15 letters
Blur and Oasis Britpop founders could alienate the establishment at the outset when touring America 9 letters OBFUSCATE
Trap found in a Bundt 8 letters CAKEHOLE
Working in atrial fibrillation is sensible 8 letters RATIONAL
Uncouth people discussing why boobs wobble 6 letters YOBBOS
See 5 6 letters BRIDGE
Loud music and dress 5 letters FROCK

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