The Guardian Cryptic Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

Fancy Prussia suppressing a republic 6 letters CYPRUS
Bachelor properly in cheerful mode 8 letters BRIGHTLY
Flu panic disrupted a sporting event 8 letters CUPFINAL
Desperately hard up in seclusion 6 letters PURDAH
In part of church they are on the phone talking 4 letters APSE
Little picture hardly anyone looks at 10 letters SMALLPRINT
Potato that is providing iron 6 letters MASHIE
Charring and giving voice full of energy 8 letters SINGEING
Couched again relax with a little toy bear 8 letters RESTATED
Caribbean food is fairly extensive 6 letters WIDISH
As man I pardon dreadfully histrionic woman 10 letters PRIMADONNA
A sound from chick look! 4 letters PEEP
Grain: grind it I say 6 letters MILLET
Minister’s job can be dispiriting 8 letters EXORCISM
Finally overcome resistance to dress in feathers? 8 letters WEARDOWN
Object to being made to go again 6 letters RESENT
Excited compiler: you earn invitation for the night 15 letters
Give new impetus to whistle-blower concerning silence 7 letters REFRESH
No longer with it perhaps using broken sentences 9 letters SENESCENT
Dodgy banks covering a large part of Europe 7 letters BALKANS
Urge on a naughty child another one not following 5 letters IMPEL
Fish eggs exhausted oarsmen said to have enjoyed 7 letters HARDROE
Discover diary not so full? Don’t repeat that mistake 15 letters
Tony’s project Hercules might not have welcomed? 9 letters NEWLABOUR
Circus artiste that can hold her drink? 7 letters TUMBLER
Filth one suffers in prison 7 letters DUNGEON
Removes old Scots in shows 7 letters DEPICTS
Do out in full as before 5 letters DITTO

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