The Guardian Cryptic Crossword September 23 2022 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword September 23 2022 Answers:

High-altitude bases offering exceptional aspect from Alps 14 letters
Chap stopping fool in afternoon meal getting some water 9 letters TASMANSEA
Bird regrettably chokes 5 letters EGRET
English easy about rubbish 5 letters BILGE
Bitterness shown by Turkey abandoning Mediterranean port in campaign 9 letters GALLIPOLI
Ruin perhaps as a march crushes Left 8 letters DEMOLISH
Border gradually moving 6 letters EDGING
Idyllic spot in Sudan axed following setback 6 letters XANADU
Moderate team primarily needing a goal to equalise? 8 letters TONEDOWN
For example a toothbrush might initially get rid of persistent pain 9 letters MOUSTACHE
Old bandmaster provided by America 5 letters SOUSA
Large old ship that’s broad and slow 5 letters LARGO
Turkey with plain dressing served around northern resort 9 letters LLANDUDNO
Beneath loose pants grip is inferior 14 letters
European tax-based changes more than sufficient to encourage antisocial behaviour 14 letters
Son of David rating peace for Israel — that’s not hard 7 letters ABSALOM
Ignoring poll shouted about celebrity with a glossy exterior 9 letters ENAMELLED
Final flag hoisted above ship’s stern done in desperation at the eleventh hour 8 letters LASTGASP
Corridor covered with it — rising fungus and lichen say 6 letters THALLI
In seconds forget about people slain with daggers 5 letters OBELI
Refuse working with internat­ional telecom pioneer 7 letters MARCONI
Deceiving band in double-cross that’s been planned throughout 14 letters
Embellished by dodgy press dude 9 letters DRESSEDUP
Negative duo that won’t bond on record is entering retreat 8 letters LONEPAIR
Heartless upstart right to cut gas for which there’s no charge 7 letters NEUTRON
Pseudo switched heading for interdisciplinary church organisation 7 letters OPUSDEI
Explains about constant contributors to immune response 6 letters TCELLS
Steak essentially rubbery in quality 5 letters TBONE

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