The Guardian Cryptic Crossword September 14 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword September 14 2021 Answers:

Cut short series of performances by contralto in gallery 8 letters TRUNCATE
Preserve business degree in wooden frame 6 letters EMBALM
Former pupil’s recovery is uncertain 7 letters OBSCURE
Being practical puts forward close working style 7 letters HANDSON
Examine gold divided into three crowns 5 letters AUDIT
Initial advantage given in race that reads badly 9 letters HEADSTART
Mistaken for a monster out­spoken scientist drops initial interest 12 letters
Dim Tuscan cop gets busted — one might joke about it 12 letters
Oath sworn by president once got deleted from the record 9 letters EXPLETIVE
Rulers erased the central elements providing means of control 5 letters LEASH
Proceeds cautiously as model returns embracing unconventional poet 7 letters TIPTOES
Promote rebel after American intervention 7 letters RAISEUP
Long boring speech illustrating singular belief … 6 letters SCREED
… which helps heel get into Oxford perhaps 8 letters SHOEHORN
Cromwell for example shot a revolutionary when holding mass 6 letters THOMAS
Advantage gained by leading team 6 letters UPSIDE
Came back with European socialist support for census 9 letters COUNTERED
Cook ignites the pan creating minor problems 13 letters
Take away sign created by head of McDonald’s in America 5 letters MINUS
Idiot reportedly prosecutes moderates 8 letters ASSUAGES
Single theatrical award shows lack of diversity 8 letters MONOTONY
Troubled over Anne visiting moor — it’s the perfect place 13 letters
Form of art devoured by spry elderly setter? 9 letters STILLLIFE
Old civil orders to detain criminal set producing toxin 8 letters ASBESTOS
Seed carried in rickety barge — one making lots of noise! 8 letters BAGPIPER
Like part of anecdote Kathy put up 6 letters TAKETO
Composer spoken of as ‘performance god’ 6 letters CHOPIN
Express strong feeling using term Goethe oddly rejected 5 letters EMOTE

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