The Guardian Cryptic Crossword October 5 2022 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword October 5 2022 Answers:

Clever to be elected then reject negative promises 9 letters INGENIOUS
Girl from America in hospital 5 letters SUSAN
Begin to drive dangerously? 9 letters UNDERTAKE
Go and snooker player 5 letters WHITE
Lethargy from United playing sport outside 6 letters STUPOR
Rushed scientist grasping origin of radiation in Scotland on vacation 8 letters SCURRIED
Jargon is about messages 7 letters SIGNALS
(10010050 + 1) ÷ y? It might make your head spin 7 letters CYCLONE
Clothes with broader design 8 letters WARDROBE
Hillary and Donald finally married in nude? Revolting! 6 letters EDMUND
Speller’s turn to forget first letter 5 letters WITCH
Shame about boring argument 9 letters DISREPUTE
5 British chessmen found here 5 letters LEWIS
Fleece follower’s family 9 letters SHEEPSKIN
Kept in trunk nothing is free 6 letters UNKNOT
Safe to criticise play? 8 letters PETERPAN
Season well including new thyme — explain recipe for starters 6 letters WINTER
West Asian monarchy captures rebel leader in this building 7 letters TURKISH
Writer ‘a god’ pens introduction to Ulysses 6 letters AUTHOR
Temple in Japan the one that’s hidden 8 letters PANTHEON
Woman’s fortunate after king abdicates 4 letters LUCY
First wise men on retreat study ‘thought’ 8 letters IMAGINED
510 — number of the beast? 4 letters LION
Support for illumination display under 50A? 8 letters LAMPPOST
Cheer Germany-Spain match 7 letters DELIGHT
Terribly excited to lose vote to fraud 6 letters DECEIT
Made to comprehend English degree without Latin 6 letters EARNED
Over 16 eating suet regularly used in cooking 6 letters NUTOIL

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