The Guardian Cryptic Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Guy in Love Island is a horny bounder 5 letters ORIBI
Public figure giving hint 8 letters OVERTONE
Stage direction stops working in theatre play 14 letters
Pro card player’s inspired about project 8 letters FORECAST
Happened by chance to ring interrupted by heavy metal 6 letters BEFELL
Pastry crust of canapé something consumed in bits 9 letters PIECEMEAL
Traditional motifs in piece of music caught by solver in France 5 letters TOPOI
Comparative magnitude of bits east of desert 5 letters RATIO
Less wild path for conquering warrior 9 letters TAMERLANE
Hollow area poor driver ends up in — he leaves it 6 letters TROUGH
Summons a vehicle back across open ground 8 letters SUBPOENA
Poet reading the Iliad mostly stunned 14 letters
Imported copper: high grade half mended 8 letters GENDARME
Deity in religious books with pale covering 5 letters WOTAN
Like a pub where all the hard liquor’s been drunk down 12 letters OUTOFSPIRITS
Where birds are devouring corn seriously 9 letters INEARNEST
Barring Connery’s lead classic version of Bond 5 letters IONIC
Tardily woke Liberal goes on record boring new voters 9 letters OVERSLEPT
Fare pocketed in voyage at sea 4 letters EATS
Abridge Old Testament book suppressing hard term 9 letters TRIMESTER
Subtle absorbing end of tale one’s related 5 letters NIECE
Feature of Love’s Labour’s Lost nothing but repetition 12 letters ALLITERATION
Rich man from South Africa confined having been given a stretch? 9 letters ELONGATED
English following type of stock car 9 letters LIMOUSINE
Post mountain-climbing setter in building 9 letters PLACEMENT
Amerindian’s poetic apostrophe to a wise man 5 letters OSAGE
It’s said to dismiss Poland’s No 1 playmaker 5 letters PSHAW
Rolls topped with unwrapped spam or fish 4 letters PARR

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