The Guardian Cryptic Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Cheer when money added to contract … 6 letters PLEASE
… that’s out dreaming? 6 letters ASLEEP
See 11 4 letters RYAN
Furious pace with pilot flying with the speed of light 10 letters APOPLECTIC
A very suspicious type arriving in bearer of gifts: no 26 — this with 26? 6 letters SAVING
Stage empty this with 26? 8 letters CASTAWAY
It’s sweet with celery and gin in a salad 9 letters GLYCERINE
See 16 4 letters FILE
CIA feels prepared where all evidence is gathered? 4 letters CASE
Overcharge for it free plastic 9 letters PROFITEER
This with 26? A film criminal 8 letters BIGAMIST
Teacher content in the end is one good at multiplication? 6 letters RABBIT
One’s never even right in head after left in agony 10 letters PALINDROME
See 18 4 letters GUMP
You shouldn’t have filled vessels with gas 6 letters THANKS
Drive home last of nails on lock 6 letters STRESS
Reversal of rule brought into play changed system for online subscribers 7 letters PAYWALL
Discontent as 9 rocks catching head of umpire 5 letters ENNUI
Reel showing lead in Garbo embraced by old-timer 7 letters STAGGER
Sensation this with 26? 6 letters SPLASH
Use a rich kind of Merlot ultimately — when bread is served? 9 letters EUCHARIST
See 11 7 letters PRIVATE
Close thought with money helping to support criminal 13 letters
Country in Chad regularly chasing leading actor 9 letters COSTARICA
Images in online gallery showing sauce guzzled by bear 7 letters CLIPART
Saying something dense common sense half gone this with 26? 7 letters FORREST
Set up trap in matching puzzles 7 letters ENIGMAS
Antelope children lifted up 6 letters DIKDIK
Caller has prisoner finally freed from nick 5 letters BUGLE

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