The Guardian Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Overcrowded relationships lasting? Er … unlikely 9 letters TRIANGLES
Employer’s cat second to be taken 4 letters USER
Cold drink one originally left behind 5 letters LASSI
Cave-dweller looked suspiciously at drunk 9 letters TROLLEYED
Cross mouth of Tay to get to Dundee? 7 letters TANGELO
Talks quietly to dogs slipping lead 7 letters POWWOWS
Bloody fantastic job (without catch)! How did you get it? 13 letters
Cull in the 18th century perhaps a big step forward 13 letters
Doctor paused taking temp­erature for latest news 7 letters UPDATES
Catch journalist drinking rum? On the contrary 7 letters HADDOCK
Forced flier to land finally — previously arrested 9 letters DRAGOONED
Going around in the nip openly intimate 5 letters OPINE
Live next to a field 4 letters AREA
Shots from above hit destroyer’s bow — lost about six not nine 9 letters SLAMDUNKS
Set way of raising money? 8 letters TELETHON
Distressing condition initially explored by northern writer 5 letters IBSEN
Fan opinion — sell-out sounds annoying 14 letters
Disappoint old and new sports­men at the centre — sorry! 7 letters LETDOWN
Round trip extremely boring in the event 7 letters SHOTPUT
Shock permeates island — without cuts taxes shoot up 9 letters SKYROCKET
Sport I abandoned that is extremely rough 6 letters RUDEST
Watch blonde running past it (kept changing her mind) 14 letters
Dry day — ready with the liquid 9 letters DEHYDRATE
Fellow coming out in spots beginning to suspect rash 8 letters RECKLESS
Sit around drinking sensible healthy drinks 7 letters TISANES
Creature camouflaged in ball turned over not dead 7 letters ECHIDNA
EastEnders tough guy is upset — that’s plain 6 letters TUNDRA
Stars from old film genre turned up 5 letters ORION

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