The Guardian Cryptic Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Don’t split small dead plant 7 letters HOGWEED
Removing wrappers to use gas oven Lloyd prepared food 7 letters SAVELOY
Keystone Cops’ initial material worth mining 4 letters CORE
Director mistakenly cut Roach’s last saloon number in storage on farm 9 letters DUTCHBARN
Keep out of steep enclosure for entry to barbican 5 letters DEBAR
In every other Sennett reel artist begs 8 letters ENTREATS
Clamour for return of Fatty Arbuckle in small part 4 letters BRAY
Poach cycling ducks 5 letters TEALS
See 22 4 letters ALLY
He went from Italy to America by scooter to join fashion house squandering silver 8 letters VESPUCCI
Boatman’s following silent film a universal horror 5 letters MUMMY
Drunken parties with pineapple and edam starters as canapé 9 letters APPETISER
Normand — one in supporting role as a rule 4 letters NORM
Athletic Chaplin for head of Disney! 7 letters LINFORD
Clap Purviance unevenly acting like a goat 7 letters CAPRINE
Dance seen in pantomime Our Gang orchestrated originally 4 letters POGO
Was absent yet recast? Not Stan Laurel 8 letters SWEETBAY
Communist trap? On the contrary not Hardy 6 letters TENDER
Hapless Chase met agents to make cuts 8 letters MACHETES
Buster Keaton missing on second shooting of scene! 6 letters RETAKE
Funny film shortened — would be too if the ending was cut 4 letters TOON
For some WC Fields blowing his top with hate is outrageous 9 letters THELADIES
Langdon’s heart captured by desperate lament 5 letters DIRGE
Quite forgetting to count 5 letters TALLY
Silent comic ain’t curt 8 letters TACITURN
Clue to warming together 8 letters ARMINARM
Old Russian clown is said to die 6 letters POPOFF
Coarse grass laid down and shooting up 6 letters MARRAM
Boatman has appeal but not much 4 letters ABIT
Garvin finally accepted in routine the smallest of the brood 4 letters RUNT

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