The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 25 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 25 2021 Answers:

Another adjustment on TV 5 letters RESET
Having exchanged parts withdraw stage curtain 8 letters BACKDROP
Ma’s said to groan troubling helpful neighbours 14 letters
Typical report on patient’s con­dition in absence of coppers? 8 letters NOCHANGE
Decadent outdoor celebration after revolutionary force cleared out 6 letters EFFETE
Motorway pull-ins: troops like to keep fixed watch here 9 letters RESTAREAS
Cowboy gear contributing to colossal turnover 5 letters LASSO
Rotating poster with illuminated frame moving back and forth 5 letters TIDAL
Burden I bear where fares are collected 9 letters TAXISTAND
Worker on short holiday showing no interest 6 letters VACANT
Muscle bit by ear affecting the mouth 8 letters PECTORAL
Everyone here is put on by firm 14 letters
Moving pictures detected evidence of arthritic joints 8 letters CREPITUS
Mast at sea trapping Nelson’s second arm 5 letters SPEAR
Refreshing change for vegan retiree 12 letters
Featured exhibit surveyed with theft in mind 9 letters SHOWCASED
Opera awkward to cast with only one tenor 5 letters TOSCA
Pray continue busy meeting cutting in all over the place 9 letters BEMYGUEST
Brusque king tucking into chop 4 letters CURT
Where to find information if at turning between valleys? 9 letters DATAFILES
Clubman chucking out skinned cat 5 letters OUNCE
It relays notes picked up from best-ever actor 12 letters
Everybody having bottoms raised hands down 9 letters ALLENDSUP
Brownie groups bagging pound coins primarily obsolete currency 9 letters SIXPENCES
I must pack principal luggage for flight 9 letters STAIRCASE
Job avoided by single English worker with dependents 5 letters CARER
Monuments in honour of medics 5 letters TOMBS
Unwanted discharge upsetting many 4 letters SNOT

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