The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 24 2022 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 24 2022 Answers:

Performing twice in Tosca is stimulating for a soloist? 9 letters ONANISTIC
Refurbished loo contains very old moulding 5 letters OVOLO
Demanding person from Oldham needing a break? 7 letters EXACTOR
African fish’s name maybe grasped by sailors 7 letters RWANDAN
Conservative going kind of pink concerned with speech 4 letters ORAL
Person grilling odd sandwiches is not out to lunch 10 letters QUESTIONER
What reprobates do after some tobacco’s in pocket 7 letters QUIDSIN
Boxing a long time clobber despicable people 7 letters TOERAGS
Establishing distance from two directions before time rambling 10 letters ESTRANGING
Cash returns for Jack say 4 letters TOOL
Invest and invest investing reserve 7 letters STANDIN
Liking less parking in transport 7 letters ENCHANT
Plain Welsh seaside resort no dud 5 letters LLANO
Screen star in a period of abstention cutting alcohol 9 letters VALENTINO
Passion dominates game we hear in pointless tennis position 15 letters
Spy Indian princess rejecting article without thanks 8 letters MATAHARI
One showing Mary pastry case from trattoria 5 letters PIETA
Opener gets run out in captivating draw 8 letters STARTURN
Many runs perhaps in Twenty20? 6 letters SCORES
Shrewder retaining ball male player 9 letters WOMANISER
Thoroughly soppy git by place of retreat 6 letters SODDEN
Blunt answer’s received about legislative measure 15 letters
Take in various keys say and polish roughly 9 letters ISLANDHOP
Gaudy little skirts are popular with consumers 8 letters TINSELLY
One nameless dreamer with a bouquet 8 letters AROMATIC
Revolutionary Communist wears brown without exception 6 letters TOAMAN
Banking centre say raised what’s held in Russian banks 6 letters GENEVA
Son has ice cream or small cake 5 letters SCONE

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