The Guardian Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Value from Top Shop in roadside area 15 letters
Global struggle: virus from the east not treated 7 letters COLDWAR
Figure almost left behind old college 7 letters POLYGON
Classical star’s note to introduce Mahler’s Fourth 3 letters SOL
Directory of wannabe knights scared to fight? 11 letters
Falafel bits eg nice round sandwiches fit to eat 10 letters INGESTIBLE
Thought Picaroon gives people a hand briefly 4 letters IDEA
Losing heart one’s ridden the tube 4 letters HOSE
Cracking nut a scarce thing with a shell? 10 letters CRUSTACEAN
Made it with rice cooked for so long 11 letters ARRIVEDERCI
Hum opening of television program 3 letters BOT
Old Indian copper seizing figure’s sensitive appendage 7 letters ANTENNA
One wool-gathering artist reversed gauzy clothes 7 letters SHEARER
I favour sweet absorbing songs making lover’s lament 15 letters
Bit of a shock economist’s solution to key problem 9 letters LOCKSMITH
Winter food that’s supposed to be burnt? 7 letters YULELOG
My word! One’s performing wild antics 8 letters ROWDYISM
For listeners Francesco the poet’s beloved moving line 5 letters AURAL
Having shot hoops see the French playmaker 9 letters SOPHOCLES
Love kiss with these? They may be in bed 6 letters OXLIPS
Desperate need to consume crack heading for altar 7 letters ENGAGED
Americans releasing article about old age 5 letters YONKS
Brilliant raid with train that’s in motion 9 letters IRRADIANT
Naked relative admitting a rule’s broken 9 letters AUNATUREL
Tablet’s taken out of fatigue showing caution 8 letters WARINESS
Problem eating pastry up in a layer 7 letters STRATUM
Ban poetic entreaty to hold me back 7 letters EMBARGO
Maybe two four six and zero still 6 letters EVENSO
Rug with top-class exterior is an expensive fiddle 5 letters AMATI
Increased amount of liquor is enjoyed 5 letters RISEN

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