The Guardian Cryptic Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

Fed up and ready to spit feathers? 14 letters
Revolutionary party that can impart pressure to overcome resistance 5 letters LEVER
University charges department that is first to send delegates 8 letters DEPUTIES
What attempted to correct young virtuous person in book exam 7 letters BORSTAL
Reading article in need of editing 7 letters RECITAL
What boozer on reflection must welcome? 5 letters REHAB
Poor chap tried going for almost nothing 9 letters DIRTCHEAP
One term is confused with another shorter one 9 letters TRIMESTER
Extremist partly responsible for dreadful tragedy 5 letters ULTRA
What is hypothetically supported by the Guardian? 7 letters ONPAPER
Lead would not be used for this drill component 7 letters BITPART
Crude relic that’s not entirely ruined 8 letters DERELICT
Keep taking ecstasy and be sick 5 letters HEAVE
Tentatively offer excellent financial backing 14 letters
Helping to support criminal belied careful thought 12 letters DELIBERATION
Hesitate to state women must come first 5 letters WAVER
Short-tempered Blairite upset about what finishes off Starmer 9 letters IRRITABLE
Made uncertain progress close to indistinct and strange light source 7 letters TODDLED
City uprising captures a former leader thereof 7 letters EMPEROR
Reporter’s credit follows work associated with the Observer 5 letters OPTIC
Handling of patient’s request ends in open court 9 letters TREATMENT
Great swimmer’s way of stopping water getting into trunks? 12 letters
Dome’s coverage of scene from musical? 9 letters HAIRPIECE
Royal household’s popular sequence of dates? 9 letters COURTSHIP
Dog is tense and more likely to stray by the look of it 7 letters TERRIER
Steal from IT company’s distribution like Android? 7 letters ROBOTIC
Place to have food and gather 5 letters PLEAT
Change plug fitting 5 letters ADAPT

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