The Guardian Cryptic Crossword May 16 2023 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword May 16 2023 Answers:

Fish the deep bay? 8 letters SEAHORSE
Stop measure by lawyers 5 letters EMBAR
See 5 4 letters CORN
Unity’s lost diary in tatters outside institute 10 letters SOLIDARITY
Old compact Danish city 6 letters ODENSE
Material about eastern Mediterranean area 8 letters RELEVANT
Famous silent film character left before last of the crush 7 letters TRAMPLE
Labour on retrospective cover-up 7 letters SWEATER
Beautify being fairly excited 8 letters PRETTYUP
Intertwine branches of fruit around line 6 letters PLEACH
One who endures sees signs of ageing 10 letters LIVERSPOTS
Little dear for an essayist? 4 letters LAMB
Take by force? Nice! 5 letters EXACT
Water runs through this county estate with ultimately little resistance 8 letters COLANDER
One who progresses the motion of drones circling London’s financial centre 8 letters SECONDER
Don’t embrace husband when star’s around 4 letters SHUN
Swears to move main residents 6 letters WRASSE
Disapprove of Democrat research to do away with vote 7 letters DEPLORE
Censored dodgy assets for the generation of future profit 4 letters SEED
Precis of two books about dissecting fly 10 letters ABBREVIATE
Surrealist Brontë novel 6 letters BRETON
Variation on a Haydn theme: Hearts Neglected to Set a Match Date 10 letters NAMETHEDAY
See 17 3 letters LOW
Top song base 3 letters LAY
Eastern US state linked to brown hamper 8 letters ENCUMBER
Mark’s parcel accepted by school 7 letters SPLOTCH
Forced into bankruptcy one breaks under review 6 letters RUINED
Cheapest leather covers grinding tool 6 letters PESTLE
Was an MP with ecstasy supply too much? 4 letters SATE
Cat joints can be heard 4 letters LYNX

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