The Guardian Cryptic Crossword May 15 2023 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword May 15 2023 Answers:

Step back and dance guys the musicians are here! 11 letters
Rising damp finally puts an end to hut one rebuilt 7 letters ONTHEUP
They say what the chippy does is not altruistic 7 letters SELFISH
Gauntlet thrown about before beginning a shoot-out 9 letters GUNBATTLE
Jeer half-heartedly about fine comedian 5 letters JOKER
Pinch and run 4 letters DASH
Activists disrupting top resorts 10 letters PROTESTORS
One overeating confectionery gets belly ache drinking dodgy hooch 10 letters CHOCOHOLIC
Jezebel’s man got it? Bravo! 4 letters AHAB
Misbehave with current male 5 letters ACTUP
Quiet pet one of a pair? 9 letters HUSHPUPPY
Standard American banks invested in house 7 letters VANILLA
Casual get-togethers of medical practitioner circle before cutback 7 letters DROPINS
How to reach for a tip and make money 11 letters TURNAPROFIT
What to do with a 22 blunder 15 letters
Letter from old reservists 5 letters THETA
Not all relationships terrify cool dude 7 letters HIPSTER
Most elegant letters in The Lady? Just the opposite 7 letters POSHEST
Barely downplay every other sauce on taco starter 8 letters ONLYJUST
Stay focused two seconds before one gets into fancy photo tent 15 letters
Stubborn diner on diet starts to eat egg over easy 6 letters DOGGED
Science chief listens for marine creatures 6 letters SHARKS
Me? I’m not sure to follow twist about politician 8 letters COMPILER
Tea before 5 on vacation very defnitely not 4 6 letters CHAVVY
Cook the old man clam after shelling? Mon Dieu! 7 letters OOHLALA
Where some apples end up said one who knows 7 letters INSIDER
Youthful one entering club to play tennis match at last 6 letters BOYISH
Double alcohol percentage for validation 5 letters PROOF

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