The Guardian Cryptic Crossword May 12 2023 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword May 12 2023 Answers:

Opt to be fat 5 letters PLUMP
Water in or out of awful lavatories 8 letters SALIVATE
Woven carrycot sheets showing birds 14 letters
Wearing short trench coat possibly or wearing nothing 8 letters INTHERAW
Damage part of St Paul’s Cathedral 6 letters SCATHE
Joy about constant hair removal 9 letters EPILATION
Pub diet? 5 letters LOCAL
Romeo in wrapround so to speak? 5 letters ARGOT
Felon’s foul crimes against worker 9 letters MISCREANT
Attract trainee (60%) 6 letters ENTICE
At first bands need commitment of DJ 8 letters BLACKTIE
Perhaps begged for a meal when lazy? 14 letters
End of Happy Valley coming first indeed sentimental 8 letters DEWYEYED
Requiem in a cathedral say 5 letters ELEGY
Spreads anti-abortionist values 12 letters
Bothersome description of the sun at dawn and before dusk 9 letters UPSETTING
See 20 5 letters PIECE
Political philosophy as an alternative to viagra is taken by some but not all 9 letters SOCIALISM
When one instrument fails to start get another 4 letters LUTE
Every other hour live car crash as a result of such traffic 9 letters VEHICULAR
Cards turning up perfectly? That’s about right 5 letters TAROT
Special occasion with tidied-up pad finally ready to receive landlord? 12 letters
Dictator’s domain showing raised bed lurid and topped with gold 9 letters AUTOCRACY
Slide out after space explorers like Bob Dylan’s voice 9 letters NASALISED
Have a bet on this poor-quality furniture 9 letters CRAPTABLE
Suit or suite? 5 letters THREE
State announcement of cold or hot food 5 letters CHILE
Top moment questionable 4 letters IFFY

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