The Guardian Cryptic Crossword May 10 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword May 10 2021 Answers:

Odd job man gives fine perform­ance with old tailless mongrel going head over heels 8 letters FACTOTUM
Star carrying animal to old Japanese dictator 6 letters SHOGUN
Light close to central current unit 4 letters LAMP
Late MP ran frantically round independent part of government 10 letters PARLIAMENT
Introduction to timely subject in paper? 6 letters TISSUE
Stand in part of theatre including nationally acclaimed trio initially 8 letters STAGNATE
Join priest cutting piece of cake? 6 letters SPLICE
Man succeeding retired queen as interim ruler 6 letters REGENT
Do remote changes to measuring device 8 letters ODOMETER
Hand over vessel with metal coating 6 letters TURNIN
Cleaner hid broken light 10 letters CHANDELIER
See 2 4 letters COCK
One-dimensional retro part of transport infrastructure crossing small space 6 letters LINEAR
Metal cask German sent abroad 8 letters TUNGSTEN
A grave is disturbed causing unexpected changes 8 letters VAGARIES
Valve in vessels raised angle 4 letters STOP
Basic recycled plates 6 letters STAPLE
Judge has teatime altered to accommodate beginning of sentencing 8 letters ESTIMATE
Comrade mixes with men as appropriate 10 letters COMMANDEER
Boat detailed to get container for fruit 6 letters PUNNET
Surly animal crossing river 6 letters MOROSE
Chap tucked into dish then returned soldier’s portable grill 10 letters SALAMANDER
Animal heard about 22 down 8 letters CATHEDRA
Check for second time in social media platform for one watching birds 8 letters TWITCHER
Performer in cart is terrific 6 letters ARTIST
Writer given one American plant 6 letters DAHLIA
Bishop’s seat moved north-east 6 letters THRONE
Get rid of slight squint 4 letters CAST

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