The Guardian Cryptic Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Fix where water leaves back of instrument did you say? 6 letters PICKLE
A group of executives loaded 6 letters ABOARD
See 20 4 letters BASS
Player in cricket side is behind doctor dressed in red 10 letters TROMBONIST
Flute lovely rhythm 6 letters GROOVE
Trumpet in concert stuffed with filling of long cake? 8 letters PROCLAIM
Dumps like that covered in black containers 9 letters JETTISONS
Instrument primarily for incisions for example 4 letters FIFE
Black rocks rolling around inside viola occasionally 4 letters COAL
Fold mat put away alongside French horn 9 letters CORRUGATE
Army units on top defended by engineers 8 letters PLATOONS
Plating hot starter in ravioli happen to scoff that 6 letters CHROME
Way off just terribly constructed? 10 letters JERRYBUILT
Beloved: sound of instrument if given love? 4 letters BEAU
Berber outrage nothing less outrageous! 6 letters TUAREG
Cheeks blushing still you adjust minuscule bikini finally 6 letters GLUTEI
Grassland that is south of river toured by twins say? 7 letters PRAIRIE
Partly Hispanic US-controlled South American city 5 letters CUSCO
Characters those with tenants? 7 letters LETTERS
Bishop displacing Nazis in instrument for primate 6 letters BABOON
Cancellation has girl withdraw­­ing though not initially 9 letters ANNULLING
Kid lies about hostile feeling 7 letters DISLIKE
Fiddle with old man Chopin is on piano in fraternity 13 letters
Current books on pastry standing in restaurant 9 letters TRATTORIA
Get end of blunt instrument caught up 7 letters COLLECT
Precision ultimately lacking in imp­rovised clarinet performance 7 letters RECITAL
This setter is breaking unsuitable lifting instrument 7 letters TIMPANI
Instrument one in a lather according to Spooner 6 letters DOUBLE
Explode: instrument going up by the sound of it? 5 letters REBUT

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