The Guardian Cryptic Crossword July 28 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword July 28 2021 Answers:

Swept ashes — when left inside there’s trouble 6 letters HASSLE
Volunteered a bit of ‘Offside! Ref! Foul!’ but it’s rebuffed 7 letters OFFERED
Disheartened get in a stew about being the most nasal 9 letters TWANGIEST
Flip down and start? Just the opposite! 5 letters UPEND
Commandeer the papers 5 letters PRESS
Swear sheep and lamb play together 9 letters BLASPHEME
In North Dakota she had a gun wrapped in cotton wool 7 letters NANNIED
Start off having great influence but score less than a hundred 6 letters EIGHTY
Assume being tickled tickles 6 letters AMUSES
Dupes being used and led astray 7 letters DELUDES
Spice is something extracted for an Indian 9 letters FENUGREEK
What a Hoover does when it works (and doesn’t) 5 letters SUCKS
Best Pride party? 5 letters OUTDO
Put an end to staying in hotel — I’m in a tent 9 letters ELIMINATE
Needing support (like one of the morning glory family?) 7 letters DODDERY
Followed calling with virtue 6 letters CHASED
Stumbled over greeting and put up with touching 7 letters HITUPON
Fish roll? 5 letters SKATE
Take note: I cut bit of wood square — it’s all about practical details 9 letters LOGISTICS
Biscuit makes Spooner’s skin hurt 7 letters OATCAKE
Fine bottom but not much of a looker 5 letters FRUMP
Making a small adjustment contemplated being returned to office 9 letters REELECTED
Gets out of cars 6 letters DODGES
The two of us plot to kidnap bachelor with a skinny joiner 6 letters WEBBED
Proposed famous vampire’s victim should be incarcerated 9 letters NOMINATED
Government minister’s ringer? 9 letters GOLDSMITH
It’s found behind actors — dramatic landscape drawn large for play 7 letters SCENERY
Antelope’s two little twins pronking 6 letters DIKDIK
Stay 10 seconds being uncertain 7 letters SUSPEND
Have enough money for female to get in a car 6 letters AFFORD
Mitt’s ‘good-oh’ 5 letters GLOVE
Quickly learns about sheep 5 letters CRAMS

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