The Guardian Cryptic Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Quarrelsome European — he should be expelled by Jordan for example 9 letters POLEMICAL
It’s feeble to accept society at the precise moment for the making of army officers 4 letters WEST
Protection from influenza eg isolation 5 letters AEGIS
Musical piece from Mediter­ranean island with two clubs and a satellite 9 letters CAPRICCIO
Big scorer’s return holds back north-eastern second team 7 letters ARSENAL
Extended coverage of the ‘beer belly’ situation 7 letters OVERLAP
Light wind-resistant car — human peril unlikely 13 letters
Mercator’s occupation long in decline 13 letters
House discontentment caused by such a criminal? 7 letters BURGLAR
Mythical bird caught in low country 7 letters MOROCCO
Rogue nurse’s cold treatment not satisfactory at first 9 letters SCOUNDREL
See 6 5 letters POINT
Times shock broadcast 4 letters DAYS
Suffering — Oscar-winning film by the way gets another award 9 letters MARTYRDOM
Old rulers’ just interjections voiced 8 letters PHARAOHS
A move to split large South African city 5 letters LAGOS
Mix online and so spread the North-South divide 14 letters
Hearing aid company chain Field 7 letters COCHLEA
In principle Prosecco is ‘scaly’ 7 letters LEPROSE
A clue: pity poor natives of Australia! 9 letters EUCALYPTI
Theatrical company texted you to appear in A Figure of Speech 6 letters TROUPE
The campaign involved with Roy’s film-making 14 letters
Sort of company the Queen introduced to Republican politician 9 letters REPERTORY
One gets tense before a trans­formed comic character basically 8 letters ATBOTTOM
Vibrating device in beard’ rumour 7 letters EARDRUM
Glass element of lock 7 letters TUMBLER
Not treated properly when sleeping round America 6 letters ABUSED
Issue country’s first sheltered housing local opening 5 letters CHILD

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