The Guardian Cryptic Crossword January 25 2023 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword January 25 2023 Answers:

Mood sours in the queues: such long journeys to the supermarket 9 letters FOODMILES
Puts in the box or on the board 5 letters POSTS
Start eating using a finger: shortly any number 5 letters DIGIN
Expecting to be accompanied by Lee? 9 letters WITHCHILD
Second in command at sea briefly returns for a little scrap that brings a charge 3 letters ION
Rage at answer to this clue then have penny-drop moment 11 letters SEETHELIGHT
Sport which the mob runs 7 letters RACKETS
By lake I want to plant special crop 7 letters LINSEED
Engineer eats last of canteen pap 7 letters SNAPPER
Flashes extremely smart on dresses 7 letters STROBES
Painting crouch so air can circulate 11 letters
Wade’s opponent in court sounds dear 3 letters ROE
Prohibit indirect moves to control temperature 9 letters INTERDICT
Bird makes car leave the roundabout 5 letters OUSEL
Look embarrassed like an unsuccessful matador 5 letters GORED
Result of seeing red in Aquae Sulis? 9 letters EARLYBATH
Fine summer? Put in one more particular 7 letters FADDIER
Chomping on cigar concerned with carbon compounds 7 letters ORGANIC
Computer game is the pits one cries 11 letters
Using no force is perfect for criminal 7 letters LAWLESS
Bag half of goals at Chelsea 7 letters SATCHEL
Shot lengthy film avoiding Spain 3 letters PIC
Hairstyle one captivating husband 7 letters SHINGLE
Made to relax in chairs nurses died 7 letters SEDATED
Satellite town yet to be built 11 letters
The boot bag made of this 7 letters SACKING
A surgical pioneer is a star 7 letters ALISTER
Almost relaxed accepting constant postponement 7 letters RESPITE
A way to speak 7 letters STUTTER
Graduate exercising a stir in this job? 7 letters BARISTA
Bargain with tough heartless sort of bomber 7 letters STEALTH
Shot cut trip short 3 letters RID

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