The Guardian Cryptic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Late professor’s nephew as knight errant 7 letters STEPHEN
See 1 7 letters HAWKING
Shock as tabloid pinches Telegraph leader 4 letters STUN
Patsy forced to fast? Finishes off Limoncello Cointreau cognac and Scotch 10 letters ASOFTTOUCH
Feel empty needing compassion over dump 6 letters FLYTIP
Irritated seeing rat outside shopping centre 8 letters SMARTING
Not seeing straight when angry I’d say 9 letters CROSSEYED
Emotion not in order for this movement 5 letters METOO
Criminal humanoid turned fine 5 letters CROOK
Insect say flying over the moon 9 letters INECSTASY
Tintin’s struggling with Haddock’s sixth sense 8 letters INSTINCT
Rue de Pierre Gretzky 6 letters REGRET
Very well dish out punishment covered by brief 10 letters INFINEFORM
Savage flower 4 letters LILY
It hurts to wear jewellery in this game 7 letters BOWLING
Note about covering musicians 7 letters PLAYERS
Honorary Tory leader implicated in kinky ritual 7 letters TITULAR
Point out a winemaker 5 letters PINOT
Illustration no longer sufficient? 7 letters EXAMPLE
Last but not first swimmer is off course 6 letters ASTRAY
Kittens to play — getting most tangled 9 letters KNOTTIEST
Impossible bottle party? 7 letters NOCANDO
At first cinemagoer natters rudely during tear-jerker causing dismay 13 letters CONSTERNATION
Initially terrified Warhol is being treated for poor hearing 9 letters SHOWTRIAL
Encounter with Mac could become unromantic 7 letters RUNINTO
Sweet is almost entirely à la crème pudding 7 letters CARAMEL
Thief working separately without pay 7 letters STEALER
Junior doctor for Bury and Wigan at last 6 letters INTERN
Ditch solving Sudoku — all real silly in the end 5 letters GULLY

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